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Sunday, February 14, 2010Y


i just decided to blog again since its been quite a while.
well not many people blog anymore nowadays, everyone's facebooking now.
uhm i dun really have much to say...oh except:

Happy Chinese New Year...wishing all a joyous year ahead!
and also
Happy St. Valentines Day...hope everyone can spend this sweet and romantic day with all your loved ones. <3

Yeah i think thats all. nothing really interesting..

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Thursday, October 29, 2009Y

What up y'all?!

i so totally ran of energy @ sentosa...the amazing was quite fun but we had to move in such big groups so we had to wait for everyone every few secs which kinda bothered me cuz we could have not wasted so much time.....my fav was obv the luge n skyride, i went like full speed since i was so used to riding it but i nvr got tired of it, haha..i braked a few tmes though to wait for my friends since i felt quite bad leaving them .....n ya i bought a pic...it looks horrible since the background is all white cuz of the bright weather..

anyway i have like so much painting to do for my groups fun day, sorta annoyed although i offered....cuz now that i look@ it, i have to do so many things n i didnt really agree in the first place..

chao nth else to write bout now..

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Monday, October 26, 2009Y
Freaking Annoying girl!

hey hey

omigosh my sister is soooo freaking annoying....

its like she's so damn sick n she's spreading her sickness to me...ya noe i have better things to do than get sick..

She like totally doesnt care where she coughs, drinks or eats from n her germs are like everywhere round my house... its icky i cant do anything

not to mention her voice is so blahhh...HOARSE
and imagine her singing a high pitched song!!!

i'm so gonna die very very soon. because of her...its ridiculous man!

ends at 4:28 PM

Friday, October 23, 2009Y


Decide to update my blog since i have nothing better to do other than nonsensical activities..
So PSLE ended last Monday for me and i was so relieved..i couldnt deal with the stress any longer man...

Weird thing was that the the weekend before the big exams i travelled to Jakarta..actually its more cool than weird!

I attended my aunt n uncle's<> wedding and it was so beautiful i cant stop thinking about it...

i loved the bride's dress! the train, the design and pattern, her bouquet, the decorations...practically everything!

Not to mention they are the kindest n sweetest couple ever!

I'll try to post some pics soon, not sure when tho since Carissa is nagging me bout her using the pc...so ya chao

^^ missing someone

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Monday, June 1, 2009Y


see ****** spammer...i'm posting...in ur face!! weirdo~

anywaay ya i didnt write that post at 00.05 i think..ya i was asleep, unlike some nocturnals in this world...

ok latest news: i've got these annoying neighbours..their like THE worse ppl ever...their so annoying n always blame others for evthing...as if its any of their business...in short...their horrible n selfish..argh

~totally bored...all u ppl r in sch for p6 mt supp..n i'm at home with nth to do, although i'm not sure if i hv choir practice cuz i lost the form...but i'm suppose to be overseas so who cares...
nothing better to write now...playin on fb...bye, btw if anyone has a fb acc..tell me!

ends at 11:10 AM

Wednesday, May 20, 2009Y


exams ended last wk...nyway havent been posting for soo long...was too lazy, i noe i'm really lazy..but oh well~

played with Andrew today>my four-year-old neighbour who is just the cutest thing ever...its so sad when my sis n i had to go home he started crying....fun fact: he loves toy monkeys..haha

part of my results were released already but dun wanna tell my parents coz scared of their reaction..havent gotten sci yet though..n since my marks rn't that gd..i told them i'm onli getting them nex wk...more time to prepare for the DAY!!! ...

still crazy bout david archie but trying to get over it abit...lol....ok nth else to write...just really bored n doing lead.com hw...


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Tuesday, April 14, 2009Y

okk hies again...

its been exactly a week since i went to Iluma to get David Archuleta's autograph...

at least tried to get it...at exactly this time i was frantically running mall to mall trying to get another one of his album's since i cldnt find mine and other stores were all sold out..hmph

anyway, i'm like THE most depressed person on earth coz he stood 3 m away from me but i didnt get his autograph as i didnt have bring the album!!! argh, i cld kill myself soon...

ok too depressed to talk anymore....i wish i could travel bac in time and replay everything...
ya rite as if...i noe i noe i;m crazy bout hime coz its like a once in a lifetime chance, ok maybe not but u get my point!

so bye..TTYL

ends at 7:55 PM